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What is DOSMS.ME ?

DOSMS.ME is online Free SMS Service Website, which allows you to send Unlimited Free SMS anywhere in the world without any Registration.

Why DOSMS.ME Provides Free SMS Service ?

Because we know International SMS is still costly in most countries and No one can afford if need to send lot of sms to other countries thats why we providing free sms service for you. so keep using this site and share with your friends.

How I can send Free SMS as I am New here for this site ?

Its very easy and simple just follow these steps mention below.
Step 1: Goto HOME Page and Click on Send Free SMS from Top Links.
Step 2: You will see Country selection box, Mobile Number Box and Message Box. First select country where you want to send sms then enter mobile number without + or 00 and then write message then enter security Captcha code and Click on TICK box of I accept and I have read all TOS.. then click Send SMS Now
Step 2: If You goto SMS Page from Countries List then you will not see Country Selection Box, Because country code will be already added in start of mobile number box, Enter mobile Number without + or 00 and then write message then enter security Captcha code and Click on TICK box of I accept and I have read all TOS.. then click Send SMS Now
Step 3: After sending SMS on next page you will see sms success status, if it shows ERROR then go back and check again if you make any mistake during filling fields.

How many SMS I can send Daily or Monthly ?

There is no Daily or Monthly limit, you can send Unlimited SMS per day with fair usage only. If you use Our Free SMS Service for flooding,spaming or abusing then we will report your ISP and block you from our site forever.

How Many Countries do You supports ?

We support almost all countries but you can find Countries List from Top Links.

What I do if I am keep getting error while sending SMS ?

It depands on ERROR, If you get ERROR about like you enter invalid mobile number or any blank filed then you must correct it yourself, but if you get ERROR like SMS GATEWAY IS DOWN then it means some internal issue from our server or due to heavy load so wait for few minutes or just an hour. It will be working very soon.

Can I send abusing, spam or flooding SMS from here ?

No, We do not allow any abusing, spam or flooding sms from our site and we keep record of every single user who come on our site and if anyone report against sms and we will give your IP address and details to Local ISP authority and it will take action against You.

I am not sending sms from here but getting abusing sms from here what I do ?

You can send us whole SMS to our Email Address:OwnMobi with subject:ABUSING SMS, and also must send us your mobile number which is getting these types of SMS. We will take action against this issue.

How I can share some sugesstion or if found any bugs in this site ?

You can send us your sugesstion or any feedback regarding any issues or bugs to our Email address which is mention in above answer and Do not try to spam or flood on email because if we found we will block you from our site forever.

Will this Free SMS site be alive forever ?

This Free SMS site will keep alive forever if you will keep stay with us and share this site with your friends. You can share our site on your FACEBOOK,TWITTER or any social network which you are using.

Please invite your friends so that this service stays alive! Share DOSMS.ME on fb

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